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What we do?

Chartered Quantity Surveyors - Construction Consultants

We help our clients source and develop viable projects, ensure project delivery, match projects to financing, and build project delivery collaborations. Managing the process from A to Z.
Data Driven. On budget. On time.

How we do it?

Adding Value with Transparent, Due Diligence Processes & Reporting.

Utilising current market as well as Historical Reference Costs and experiences retrieved from actual Capital Projects. Our diligent Commercial and Contract Management procedures ensure that investors are not exposed to significant and avoidable risks.







Loan Monitoring

Bank Reports

Bank Reports enabling Project Financing Risk to be mitigated throughout the Construction Stages by ensuring funds are spent as intended to be.

  • Bonds & Guarantees

  • Contract Enforcement

  • Progress Vs Payments

  • Risks & Mitigation

Employer’s Agent

Project Management

Bespoke services acting on behalf of the Client on any D&B Projects or any other contract. Supporting Client teams and making decisions as required.

  • Communication Bridge - One Pivotal point

  • Professionalism & Integrity

  • Risk & Supply Chain Management

  • Quality Control & Assurance

Commercial & Contract management

On Budget. On Time

Identifying and developing business opportunities and managing of projects and contracts, from inception to completion. Maximising business potential in terms of growth and profitability, while monitoring and controlling internal processes as well as managing external relationships with clients, contractors and other stakeholders.

  • Initial Construction Stages to Post Handover

  • Interim Payments

  • Claim Support and Variations

  • Final Accounts



Order of Magnitude and Cost/m2 analysis

Feasibility and Concept Design Cost Estimates


  • Feasibility & Order of Magnitude

  • Current Data

  • Historical References

  • Benchmarking

Cost Estimating

Utilising NRM

Elemental Cost Planning following the RIBA Work Stages.

  • Budget Verification

  • New Rules of Measurement (NRM)

  • Following RIBA Work Stages

  • Adherence to International Standards

Bill of Quantities

Software Powered

Measuring and Billing, following SMM7, NRM2 and POMI standards

  • Attention to Detail

  • Accountability

  • Accuracy

  • BIM 3d Enabled


Due Diligence

  • Prequalifications

  • Negotiations and Recommendations

  • Contract Drafting

  • Contract Award